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  • To promote and work for the progress and development of all people of India, particularly that of its deprived, underprivileged and marginalized sections such as minorities, women, poor and people of backward areas and communities.

  • To establish educational institutions, professional colleges, vocational training centres, libraries, study centres, coaching centres, scholarship schemes, training of Yoga & marshal arts, and etc.

  • To exhort the cause of peace, harmony, benevolence and human brotherhood in society and make institutionalised efforts for the same.

  • To promote health & hygiene, generate awareness regarding common diseases and pandemics such as cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, general diseases, poor women pregnancy care, etc and to establish dispensaries, hospitals, medical research centres, medical colleges, etc and participate in immunisation and other health drives.

  • To generate awareness and uphold fundamental and human rights and develop respect for democracy and constitutional rule.

  • To focus on the problems of children, aged and disabled ones, destitute, orphans, widows, slum dwellers, prisoners, beggars and other weaker and marginalized sections; and find solutions thereof through generating awareness, launching of schemes & programmes and establishing centres and institutions for them.

  • To organise programmes and activities for the development of rural and slum dwellers and work with them for better development of the countryside and also to work for quality education of rural youth, free educational books distribution for poor children and for and for enhancement of their employability.

  • To make efforts of alleviation of poverty, make arrangements for availability of micro-credits to poor people and generate livelihood opportunities and establish income-generating units for them.

  • To promote art, culture, traditional wisdom, civic sense, etc and to undertake issues related to civil & human rights, Panchayat Raj, good governance, etc.

  • To work for the protection of animals, establish veterinary set-ups and care homes for them, generate mass awareness against abuse of animals and their nascent rights, and do all that can assure a sound man-animal symbiosis.

  • To endeavour for the development of an eco-friendly society having better understanding of environment and its processes and high commitment for judicious use of environmental resources and also to work for conservation of ecosystems, reversal of the ongoing climate change, forestation, preservation of reverine and marine water bodies and ground water reserves, cessation of exploitation and pollution of natural habitats and emission of green house gases and soil erosion; and to promote genetic stability, social forestry, eco-ethics, and an eco-friendly life style. To develop Delhi and NCR clean, green and pollution free and make arrangements for filtered and pure drinking water for rural and urban slums.

  • To work for immediate relief and rehabilitation of victims and natural and man-made disasters such as earthquake, flood, landslide, Tsunami, communal riots, terrorism, etc; and for generation of peace, communal harmony and mutual understanding among various sections of Trust.

  • To collaborate with local, national and international organisations and establishments whether governmental agencies or NGOs, working for similar objectives in whatever way found suitable for the achievement of the objectives of the Trust and to receive grants from such organisations or to provide them financial assistance as per norms set by the Trust.

  • To organise programmes, activities, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. for the development and promotion of objectives of the Trust and for the comparative understanding on issue and problems affecting the Trust and mankind at large.

  • To prepare, print and publish books, pamphlets, audio-visual materials, periodicals, newsletters, etc. on the themes central to the programmes and activities of the Trust and disseminate them among interested.

  • To undertake any other activity incidental to the achievement of the objectives of the Trust and which the Trust may find useful.

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